Research Papers - First Draft Nov. 6

Research papers will be composed of a summary of a topic relevant to I/O psychology and a conceptual application of that topic. No page requirements. Papers must be professionally written in APA style complete with title page, title, headings, page numbers, and scholarly references. Utilize Ohio Link! It is a wonderful resource!  Topics were chosen and discussed in class. Be sure to turn in at least one draft of your paper to Liz!  

Human Factors

Workplace design is often carried out by psychologists with special training in human factors psychology. This exercise takes a look at this interesting yet little-known subfield of psychology.

1. Do a Web search for sites related to human factors. List the titles and addresses of the two most valuable sites you find.

2. What is the other name for the field of human factors?

3. Examples of bad human factors abound. Any time a piece of equipment is difficult to use--whether it's a VCR control, a computer program, or a restroom urinal--it's an indication that "human factors" were not considered. Browse through the collection of often-humorous "Bad Human Factors Designs" at Select three examples and--before reading the authors' design recommendation--describe how you would correct each particular problem.

4. A hilarious example from the "Bad Human Factors Designs" Web site is called "This is a Mop Sink." The author further explains that "There is no urinal in the men's restroom. The fixture in the corner affords a certain activity." Think of a similarly humorous or frustrating encounter with a poorly designed item from your own life. Describe the problem and provide a solution.

Selection Procedure Assignment - Due Oct. 30

Using the job that you researched for the KSAO assignment, design a selection procedure for that job. Pay particular attention to the methods listed in our text. Name the selection tools you would use. Describe the exact methods involved with each tool. Describe each tool in detail. (For example, if you are interviewing, list the questions. If you are using a personality test, list the personality trait you are testing. If you are using an assessment center, describe the tasks in detail.) Be creative in designing your selection method, without regard for what would "typically" happen in a selection procedure. Take into account time/money that the organization might have available. (A small business might not be able to afford the same tools that a large organization, like a hospital, might be able to use.) Turn in via email by Nov. 6th with cover page. Title: Selection Procedure for (name your job). Name. Don't forget page numbers on the document itself.

KSAOs Assignment

Due Oct. 1st. Choose any job. Find the occupation online at ONET: Think and read about the Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Other Characteristics that are essential to that occupation. Form four columns and organize a few of the most important KSAOs in an understandable manner. Provide me with a link to the occupation you researched and your KSAO chart.

Summary Assignment

Due Sept. 19.  Answer the following questions in a professionally written manner. Be sure to include your name, headings, page numbers if necessary, etc. on your papers.

1. Summarize, in your own words, the Hawthorne studies. What did I/O psychologists learn from the studies?

2. What is job analysis? Why is it so important to the field of I/O psychology?


Surveys are an important self-report technique used by psychologists. (Supplemental reading about surveys can be found in your book on page 36.) Our first assignment will be to participate in actual research. (Therefore, do not complete any survey if you do not qualify to participate, according to the instructions.)

Take detailed notes of your experience. Be prepared to discuss your experience in small group discussions during our next class, September 4.  Keep the following topics in mind when taking notes on your experience:
Did any question puzzle you? Was this what you expected research to be like? What do you think the researcher is studying? Did you find it easy to honestly express your opinions or experiences? How close do you think you came to describing your personality, feelings, and experiences compared to how others would describe you? 

Occassionally, surveys are closed if they already have enough participants or if the study has ended. If this happens during the next week, please move on to the next survey. Surveys usually take 15-20 minutes to complete. 

Work Questionnaire

Perception of Success and Failure in Everyday Life

Feedback Seeking

....Just can't get enough or would you like to try surveys of different topics?

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